Looking To Hire an Employment Lawyer in Toronto?

Hiring an employment lawyer in Toronto is more necessary than you think! Whether you are a recently laid-off or recently dismissed employee, you need to hire a Toronto employment lawyer to protect your rights. The law is constantly changing, which leaves many people unsure as to the rights they are entitled too. In addition, new federal laws such as the Fair Employment Act require all organizations to have at least one employment lawyer on hand in order to protect their workers.

employment lawyer in Toronto

Why Hire an Employment Lawyer? As an employment lawyer in Toronto mainly assists non-uniformed employees by utilizing their expertise, guidance, professional experience, and understanding, to ensure that their rights are protected. Unions also employ these same rights keeping employers accountable for wrongful termination decisions by filing lawsuits. Employment lawyers have a way of knowing when an employer has made a wrongful termination decision based on race, sex, age, or any other discriminatory reason. When this happens, employment law in Toronto will help you get back at the erring employer by seeking monetary damages.

However, you do not have to go it alone. Even if you feel you are at the losing end in an employment dispute with your boss, you should seek legal advice from a reputable Toronto employment lawyer in order to be certain that you have the best chances of winning your case. This is because employers are notorious for taking out long, drawn-out labor contracts that may seem unfair to you and may not be very practical in the current economy. Your rights are only protected when you choose a competent Toronto employment lawyer in order to protect them under the federal and provincial labour code.

If you have been affected by a company’s actions in terms of its compliance with the Ontario labour code, you can take advantage of the expertise of experienced lawyers who work across the province in Toronto employment law firms. With years of experience in handling cases such as yours, your chances of success in Toronto are higher. In fact, the chances of you being able to win your case completely are better than if you were to try and do it yourself.

employment lawyer in Toronto

There is also something called a preliminary agreement in Canada that you should be aware of. This is what usually happens in cases where the defendant and the plaintiff have agreed to a settlement but one or both sides need more time to prepare the final arguments before the Ontario court. The Toronto employment lawyer you are working with across Ontario can help you with preparing this document. You should not attempt to do this on your own.

Sometimes employers will offer their workers a severance package in exchange for agreeing to settle the case. In order to make sure that the employer offers you the right severance package, you need an expert on employment law in Toronto to help you out. The Ontario government has set up the Office of Employment Services to help people get the right severance package. However, if you have the need to get a fair deal because you are facing a wrongful dismissal lawsuit, then you will have to do it on your own.

Even if you are considering hiring an employment lawyer in Toronto in every case that you feel is worth fighting, you should still have an initial consultation with that lawyer. This is the time for you to let him know what you are experiencing and what your goals are. It is important that you do this regardless of whether you plan to pursue every case that you feel is worth pursuing, or whether you feel that you can do without one of those cases.

Every case that you are involved with should be handled properly, so you need someone who knows about employment laws in Toronto and Ontario in particular. You do not want to lose your job over something that could have been easily avoided. You also do not want to end up being found guilty of wrongdoing because you did not hire the right Toronto employment lawyers to fight your case. You deserve representation, even if you are in the wrong. A good Toronto employment lawyer will be your ally in fighting for the money you deserve to keep your job.