The Canadian Traumatic Stress Network’s mission is to be Canada’s wide network of resources dedicated to the advancement of traumatic stress services through education, training, public awareness, professional development, and research. Many Canadian’s especially the youth go under a lot of stress due to stiff job competition or lack of future vision. We hope to raise awareness and spread vital education on how to overcome this phenomenon.

Goals of CTSN

1. Establish and maintain a national network which will link people, organizations, information, and services.

2. Establish practice standards and guidelines for traumatic stress interventions.

3. Encourage and facilitate the establishment of a set of national protocols and services during times of disaster.

4. Create and maintain a national resource centre to facilitate access to qualified resources.

5. Create and maintain a national resource centre of information, contacts, materials and other resources on traumatic stress issues.

6. Sponsor training, public awareness, education, and professional development in traumatic stress.

7. Advance research in traumatic stress, including scientific, applied, and evaluative undertakings.